The Value of Design in Your Remodel or Home Renovation

Your home should be a uniquely personal space, but you could be one of the many living in a home that doesn’t feel authentic to your needs and aesthetic. Perhaps it’s a home that wasn’t built specifically for you, or one that no longer reflects your current needs and style preferences.

design remodel home renovation

If you are living in a new home or have lived for some time in a home that you know could be so much better and functional for your needs, you’ve likely pondered how to make your living space work better for you. But first, there are questions you likely have. Questions such as: Just what is your style? What do you need? What are your design solution options, and why should you choose one over the other?

Fortunately, there’s help. We can’t overstate the value of beginning your remodel with professional design support. Most projects, whether they involve a single room or an entire home, require many design and detail considerations and decisions. By working with a professional designer who understands both your needs and the intricacies and challenges of the building process, you can ensure your remodel or build is exactly what you want and need.

The design process takes time, and it should — the more careful and thorough the upfront planning, the smoother and more successful the  project. The first step should be sitting down with your designer to talk about your home, vision for your space, and budget range. Ideally, your designer will take that information and their own observations to come back to you with design options that consider different styles, configurations, and budgets. And, if you’re open, a good designer will be able to offer some additional design ideas you hadn’t considered.

Once you and the designer finalize your design, part of the design process should be meticulous planning of your project including features and materials. This should include a detailed drawing and specifications that help you clearly visualize the final results.

You’ll find the time and investment of working with a professional designer to fully plan your project will yield great dividends as you proceed to construction. There will be greater clarity, efficiency, and control over the process. You’ll have the confidence of knowing what your final result will look like, and you may be able to take advantage of additional design and construction opportunities that were surfaced during the design process instead of during construction.

And, if you’re working with a knowledgeable design-build firm, the value of having an integrated design team is even greater. You’ll benefit from a seamless hand-off from the design to the construction phase, as well as the continued availability of your designer should the need arise. You’ll know before construction begins what the building process will look like, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. In short, it’s a far less stressful process, a significant value in itself.

This is your home, and your new space will be an integral part of your daily life. Professional design support could make all the difference between a successful or disappointing remodeling or build experience.

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