How Much Does It Really Cost?

When It Comes To Remodeling, The Answer May Surprise You.

Undertaking a large remodeling project brings with it a host of questions, not the least of which is “how much will it cost?” That’s a great question.

home renovation cost

But just what is “cost?” When we think of the cost of a project, we tend to visualize an itemized list of materials and labor. It’s a good starting point, but there are additional questions to consider when determining a project’s actual scope and cost. Here are some for a start:

  • Do I know exactly what I want to do in my home, or do I want to consider options? How will I gather the information I need to do that?
  • Will I need to use an architect or designer? How will I find the right one?
  • How many/types of contractors are needed to do the actual work? How will they work together? Should I consider a general contractor?
  • How will I make sure the work is done as I want it? What recourse will I have if the work is substandard or not completed?
  • How much time do I personally have to invest in the project upfront and on a daily/weekly basis?
  • How will I address and correct unforeseen issues as they arise?
  • How do I keep costs in line?
  • How long will my life be disrupted?

Something we’ve learned in our decades of talking to new clients is that many, when considering costs, tend to underestimate the potential investment of their own time and effort, unanticipated additional expense, as well as the project “gaps” they will need to address along the way when they go it alone. They may hope to save money with some measure of do-it-yourself, but really don’t fully comprehend what that will mean for them, nor do they place a value on the often significant investment of their own time and effort, hidden costs, and the impact of being taken away from other obligations.

Our three generations of experience in improving homes have taught us one thing. Achieving beautiful results involves careful and meticulous planning, management, and execution. That’s exactly what we do. The service we offer as a design-build firm is total. We stand behind our work and give our clients the peace of mind and assurance that comes with having a partner who manages their project from initial planning to final execution. Imagine knowing upfront the full scope and design of your project, how long it will take, and what you can expect. Instead of questions and uncertainty, you’ll have someone right there who is responsible for your project and has the answers. Instead of trying to find the people to put together to get the project done, you’ll have a team already ready to go whose sole focus is on your satisfaction and a beautifully finished project, a team that’s accountable to you.

So, when you consider the cost of your project, look deeper to determine just what you are, and aren’t paying for. Want to know more about our design-build approach, including a budget discussion for your particular project? Talk to us.