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Lynnfield Renovation

Imagine walking into your home after a renovation to find it fully furnished, accessorized, and ready for guests. For our clients in Lynnfield, this interior design and renovation created a more functional and free-flowing space for entertaining and overall enjoyment of their home.

When we embarked on this project, the goals were to improve the first floor layout in order to create a better flow for entertaining, dining, and functional use of the space. To achieve this, we planned to ‘flip’ the rooms – moving the dining room from the back of the house to the front, and swapping it with a new living room in the back. Due to the overall layout of the house and placement of an existing fireplace, this shift opened the space substantially and allowed for better enjoyment of their home.

As the living room is used more often on a daily basis, they now have full visibility to the beautiful backyard through large windows, and a cozy fireplace which has become a showpiece in the room, rather than hidden away as it previously was in the dining area. Transitioning the entry from kitchen to living room allowed us the space to add more functional storage to the back of the intersecting walls – which was achieved with built-in white cabinetry.

In the new dining room, we added built-in bookshelves, a Harrington Island chandelier, and banquette seating alongside a Restoration Hardware table to balance the space for both dining and entertaining. Placement of the table and seating allows for more floor space to walk around and mingle.

On the opposite wall, we built-in a coffee and wine bar with lustrous navy blue cabinetry and brass hardware, accented by a wall of white marble tile with a brass inlay behind open shelving. In its new front-facing location, the dining space now serves as an open, inviting entry into the home.

Interior design and the selection of furnishings and decor were an integral part of this project. In the living room, Tolson sectionals upholstered with Cravit smart fabric and a Motor City leather swivel chair serve dual purposes by facing each other for ease of conversation while also being positioned around the TV and fireplace for viewing and relaxation. In the dining room, the rich navy blue grounds the bookcase wall and is complemented by matching colors in the window treatments, banquette pillows, and wine station cabinetry.

Recessed lighting existed in the space prior to this renovation, and we incorporated built-in speakers, Pindler fabric window treatments, an area rug, and a new center light fixture to bring the room to life for gatherings.