The Value of Good Relationships in Design / Build

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our three generations of doing business as a design build firm, it is that there is no “typical” renovation project. Each brings with it unique considerations and requirements. There’s a reason we approach our jobs carefully and methodically. Our goal is to leverage every bit of our combined experience, expertise, and knowledge of our team, trade partners, and vendors to ensure we and our clients know what to expect both in terms of investment and results.

trade partner relationships

Just as our company’s reputation has been built on establishing strong working relationships with our clients, it is also rooted in longstanding relationships with our trade partners and vendors. We value the expertise and work ethic they bring to our projects, and they value how we do business with them. So, what does that mean for our clients?

We know exactly what to ask. We make it our business to plan and understand every detail and nuance of our clients’ projects. When we assemble our team of professionals, we ensure we’re asking all the right questions and selecting the best fit for our client and their home.

We’re able to negotiate fair, comprehensive pricing. Because working with Lee Kimball is not a “one-off” proposition, our longstanding relationships help establish the framework for trade partners and vendors to work with us in accurately projecting cost parameters for our clients.

Our construction timelines stay on track. We work together with vendors and subcontractors to precisely forecast our work and completion timelines then partner throughout the construction process to keep us on deadline.

Surprises don’t derail us. We’ve found that when we and our vendors are all focused on the successful execution and completion of your project, unforeseen issues are quickly and effectively addressed.

We leverage the specialized knowledge of our vendors. Each partner has their particular areas of expertise. Your project may need specialized knowledge in a certain renovation aspect, such as replumbing a 100-year-old home or updating wiring from the 1940s. We can put the right trade partner on the job to ensure superior results.

We source the best materials for the job. Just as contractors have their unique strengths, so do those businesses that supply materials and building supplies. When you’re looking for those unique and “perfect” floors, tiles, lighting, and fixtures, knowing where to go and who to talk to can be invaluable.

What does all this mean for you as a Lee Kimball client? You’ll experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are partnering with an expert industry advocate. That means your interests come first, not only with us but with each vendor and subcontractor we work with to successfully complete your project and stand behind their work. With that knowledge, you’ll know that your renovation will be both beautiful and built to last.